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Facts About White Diamonds

White diamonds are produced by mines all over the world in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  With the rise in popularity of the colored diamonds the term White is misleading.  A white diamond is considered to be totally colorless.

Yellow Diamonds 

Color grading scales used by the internationally recognized laboratories (GIA & IGI for example), ranges from D which is totally colorless to Z which is a pale yellow or brown color.  Brown diamonds darker than K color are usually described using their letter grade, and a descriptive phrase, for example M Faint Brown.  Diamonds with more depth of color than Z color fall into the fancy color diamond range.

White Diamonds 

One thing that will remain a constant and that is that white diamonds are classic.  The simple beauty of a white diamond is magnificent.  There are so many jewelry possibilities that include the use of white diamonds.  There are necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings, and even toe rings and belly button rings.  Nothing is off limits when displaying the sheer beauty of white diamonds.

Choosing a piece of jewelry is not always as simple as visiting the jeweler and choosing something that looks pretty under the glass.  Diamonds are expensive and knowledge is needed to make a wise purchase that will retain or even increase in value over time.  This means understanding how diamonds are classified.

Regent Diamond 

There are the “4 C’s” of diamond classification and they stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat.  Each has its own set of very precise rules when grading a diamond.  The first is the cut of the diamond. 

The act of polishing a diamond and creating flat facets in symmetrical arrangement brings out the diamond’s hidden beauty in dramatic fashion.  There are mathematically proven algorithms involved in creating the perfect cut. When diamonds are cut properly they will enhance any piece of jewelry.  They are stunning to look at, and when the sun catches them, they flash like miniature suns.

The next consideration in white diamonds is color.  The color has its own scale ranging from D to Z. Diamonds appear white but often have tones of yellow or brown.  The more these colors are apparent, the lower the quality and the lower the price of the diamond.  It is most desirable to find a diamond that is close to the D rating.

Smoke Diamond 

Every diamond is going to have some imperfections.  Nature rarely produces anything that is pure and that is why one of the reason man made diamonds are becoming so popular.  Many of the man made diamonds are of a better quality than what can be found in nature.  There are some cloudy spots in some diamonds and these can often be hidden by a high quality cut.

Finally, diamonds are classified by carat.  This is the weight of the diamond.  The larger the diamond, the more it costs if the other 3 C’s also fall in line.  Jewelers must take into account the other 3 C’s of classification because two diamonds of equal carat can have drastically different prices based on the cut, clarityComputer Technology Articles, and color.

At white tea’s birth place Fu-Ding area of the Fu-Jian Province in China, aged white tea has long been used to treat symptoms associated with measles, especially before the era of using western medicine for fever control. 



At white tea’s birth place Fu-Ding area of the Fu-Jian Province in China, aged white tea has long been used to treat symptoms associated with measles, especially before the era of using western medicine for fever control. It’s well known functions such as treating alcohol hangover, tooth aches, detox and cancer prevention are believed to be more potent than those of their fresh white tea counterparts. Aged white tea’s medical use has therefore been passed on as traditional wisdom by many generations and became a source of interest to modern researchers.

Why are the aged white teas so precious?



How to brew: Using Yixing teapots

Health Benefits of Old Aged White Tea


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Poll: President Obama voters split on deficit

A survey of 800 Obama voters, conducted last month by Benenson Strategy Group for the moderate Democratic think tank Third Way and shared first with POLITICO, finds that 96 percent believe the federal deficit is a problem and that 85 percent support increasing taxes on the wealthy. Financial Year

Yet 41 percent who supported the Democratic incumbent want to get control of the deficit mostly by cutting spending, with only some tax increases, while another 41 percent want to solve it mostly with tax increases and only some spending cuts. Budget Deficit

Just 5 percent of Obama supporters favor tax increases alone to solve the deficit, half the number who back an approach that relies entirely on spending cuts.

“News flash: Paul Krugman,” said Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, director of Third Way’s social policy and politics programFree Web Content, firing a rhetorical shot at the liberal Princeton economist who uses his New York Times column to agitate for more federal spending.

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Books by Presidential Losers

With a presidential election there can be only one winner, but
what happened to those who fought and lost?  Some have eventually returned to win a future
election, but what about those who never became president.  Over the past 68 years there have been a
dozen men who ran for president and never won an election; all of them have
written books.  The topics of their
writing vary from conventional memoirs to the photography and climate change. 

In 2004 – John Kerry lost to George W. Bush

The New Soldier was written in 1971 by John Kerry and the
Vietnam Veterans Against the War.   It contains excerpts of testimony about war
crimes committed during the war.  Only
5000 copies of the book were originally printed driving the value of the book
up to $1250 for a signed first edition.


In 2000 – Al Gore lost to George W. Bush, although Gore did
win the popular vote losing by the Electoral Collages

Gore as authored a number of books including Earth in the
Balance which was written in 1992 and became the basis for his much acclaimed
An Inconvenient Truth which became a bestseller and was turned into an Academy
Award winning Documentary, prices for signed copies of the former top out at
$595 while the Inconvenient Truth is offered for up to $449 when signed.


In 1996 – Bob Dole lost to Bill Clinton

After losing the 1996 election Bob Dole wrote a book about
his run at the presidency in an effort to show that just because he lost the
election it didn’t mean he lost his sense of humour.   A signed copy of Great Political Wit is
offered for up to $436


In 1988 – Michael Dukakis lost to George H. W. Bush

Though not at all collectable Dukakis helped write How to
Get Into Politics and Why in 2006, you can buy it for under $20


In 1984 – Walter Mondale lost to Ronald Regan

Mondale’s most collectable work would be his first book The
Accountability of Power: Toward a Responsible Presidency, written in 1976 as an
essay against the excesses of the Nixon administration.  You can pick up a signed copy for only $50.


In 1976 – Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter

Gerald Ford is the wildcard in this list since he did serve
as president; however he did so having never won an election.  Rather then win his way in he was given the Vice
Presidency after Spiro Agnew’s resignation and then catapulted to the position
of President the following year after Nixon resigned during the Watergate
scandal.  He attempted a second term in
office but was beaten by Jimmy Carter in 1976. 
Following these events Ford wrote his Autobiography A Time to Heal in
1979, a title which remains his most collectable book, as well as the most
collectable book written by a presidential candidate who never won an
election.  A signed copy will cost you up
to $2800.


In 1972 – George McGovern lost to Richard Nixon

McGovern has written a number of books:  The Great Coalfield War which depicts the
struggle for unionisation among early Colorado Coal Miners , A biography titled
Grassroots which was published in 1977, and in 1997 he wrote Terry; the story
of his daughters struggle with Alcoholism – All of which hover around the $150


In 1968 – Hubert Humphrey lost to Richard Nixon

Written in 1976, The Education of a Public Man documents Humphrey’s
long political career, the book has undergone re-printings and signed early
editions are offered for up to $100.


In 1964 – Barry Goldwater lost to Lyndon B. Johnson

Apart from being known as Mr. Conservative Goldwater was
also highly interested in photography.  Three
books with his photography are People and Places, Delightful Journey and Barry
Goldwater and the Southwest which contains a forward written by Ansel Adams, a
signed copy of the latter can be found for up to $450.


In 1956 and 1952 – Adlai Stevenson lost two consecutive
elections to Dwight D. Eisenhower

Titled after part of his speech that won him the democratic
nomination at the 1952 convention The Stark Reality of Responsibility is Adlai’s
most collectable work with only 1000 copies in its initial printing the book is
offered for up to $200.


In 1948 and 1944 – Thomas E. Dewey Lost consecutive
elections to Harry S. Truman and Franklin D. Roosevelt

After losing the Republican nomination in 1940 on an
isolationist policy Dewey put up a good fight against the incredibly popular
Roosevelt only to lose again the following election to Harry Truman by
frittering away a mammoth lead in the polls with quotes like his famous `You
know that your future is still ahead of you.` Dewey was so favoured to win the
Chicago Tribune even hedged their bets declaring him the winner in their
headline only to have to change it after 150,000 papers had been shipped
out.  Dewey’s most collectable book is a
signed copy of Journey to the Far Pacific which contains writings about his
trip though east Asia visiting revolutionary and war ravaged countries of
Korea, Indo-China, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia which is offered for up
to $468.


In 1940 – Wendell Willkie lost to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Willkie ran against FDR despite having never held a prior
elected political office, he lost the Electoral College’s by a landslide but
his book One World became a New York Times bestsellerComputer Technology Articles, not only did it predict China’s
eventual rise to the status of superpower but also touted the importance of
international peacekeeping after the second world war.  Signed copies of the first edition are
offered for up to $389.

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Decorate Your White Bedroom with Modern Thoughts

Everyone wants to create an attractive and modern bedroom in their house and they need to take some crucial decision. When the subject comes to decorate a white bedroom, they require to plan for a few special things such as wall color, furniture pieces, bedding and bedroom accessories.

For a room its furniture is one of the main parts but it is a fact that this is very expensive, yet we purchase it very carefully. Furniture last long and there durability makes them costly. White bedroom furniture is the symbol of modern and tradition look; it gives a light, airy and contemporary feel. Well now you have to know why you opt for a white bedroom furniture. What type of furniture brings an elegance and comfortable look to your bedroom?

White is the best color as it matches with anything else. It can easily blend with black, red, yellow, green and whatever color you have brought for your bedroom. White is timeless, eternal and always in fashion. Besides to create a soothing background to the entire house the color white is outstanding. Keeping the demand of white furniture in mind furniture makers make white colored furniture for the entire household.

The color white is especially good for a small room as its great quality provides the room an illusion of largeness. This will permit you to easier find a good duvet cover or comforter for the bed or window curtains that are innovative and modern looking without making the room look small and crowded. You can buy a white duvet bedding set which must include a white twin duvet cover and some white flowery pillows, cushions and throws. You will not have to buy window coverings in Winter and Autumn because the curtains double as window coverings.

Choosing too many plants for your bedroom is not well as it looks so clumsy; you need to put one small plant to give a nice look to the room. Nothing will be better than placing the plant on a white night table. The shine and beauty of white bedroom furniture increases if it is kept in that place. Heavy dark colored furniture is not a good option for placing a nice fresh plant. HoweverPsychology Articles, on white it will look fantastic at home.

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Tattoos In The White House


Before you get all worried I’m not going to talk about politics or the up incoming election, this is not the blog for that. I ran across a quote from Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and thought it was relevant to this tattoo blog. I guess when Pete was a youngster he expressed some kind of interest in becoming the president or involved in politics like some many young children do. Well it seems that Pete’s mother has squashed his dreams of every becoming the president simply because he has too many tattoos. But Pete isn’t too worried about his tattoos he says, “I could never pursue a career in politics. I’ve been involved in far too many scandals.” But Pete did make a really good point about tattoos being in the White House. Here is what he said.“Isn’t that an irony, though, now that so many of our generation have tattoos? A tattooed person will end up in office one day, mark my words. Not necessarily at a presidential level, but there will be people with tattoos in the administration.”I hate to burst Pete’s bubble but I guarantee there is someone on the staff at the White House that indeed has a tattoo and if no one there currently has a tattoo, I’m sure there has been presidents and other personnel there that has a tattoo or two. But I think Pete was more so talking about people being covered in tattoos like him. Either way it just goes to show that tattoos are still looked down upon. Maybe if there was a president in the White House that had tattoos and was open about it the perception of tattoos would change. But who am I kidding? I think there will always be some kind of negativity attached to tattoos.Your Tattoo FriendAshleySource: Free Articles from

Ashley enjoys writing on her Tattoo themed blog at please stop by and drop a commentFor more information and access to over 15,000 tattoo designs online, check out Ashley’s sponsor at

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The Glass Ceiling of The White House – For a Woman, It’s More Like Solid Stone!

After Hillary’s attempt to make it to the Oval Office, who can women look to as their next “Great Female Hope”?

From Condé Naste, to NAFE (National Association of Female Executives), to Pink Magazine, all eyes and journalistic talents are focused on the Catalyst’s latest report. The news is not good, not good at all! The numbers are bringing tears to the eyes of those who thought gender bias was a thing of the past. Women have lost ground with corporate positions, actually dropping to 15.4% in 2007 as compared to 16.4% in 2005. This result is based on Fortune 500 companies. We can’t even begin to figure the statistics in non-Fortune 500 companies in corporate America. From salary levels to the boardroom, women hold less and less positions of influence while men have filled more CEO vacancies and those numbers are rising.

In December 2007 NAFE held a conference where a group of executive women from the NAFE Top 30 Companies for Executive Women debated the issues. The NAFE Roundtable spent time discussing the how and why and the future pathway to improve this situation. There was one subject that was not yet on the table. In December 2007 “Hillary” still appeared to be the woman on the road to the White House. Now, in June 2008, we see things quite differently.

What most have failed to realize is that our only, best and most recent hope for the first female CEO of the USA was in that position purely based on her male counterpart’s rise in Democrat politics. If Bill Clinton was not President, would Hillary Clinton still be a household name? Not likely.

Now you ask “What does this all mean?”

It appears that in corporate America, a woman’s rise to the top is more likely, although difficult, than a woman’s rise to the top in the political arena. Outside of those NAFE Top 30 Companies, corporate issues on Main Street, in small and mid-size companies are similar to those of the average American today. In that vein, a successful woman politician faces the same pre-conceived gender issues that women face from the board room to the management team and most of all in obtaining CEO approval or positioning.

Women in politics must be more intelligent than a male politician, yet be ready to play “The Good Old Boys Game” better than their male counterpart. Well, you say, we are making progress on the diversity issue, after all Hillary lost the nomination to a black politician, doesn’t that count?

In most worlds a one term female senator would never get the kind of support achieved by this black man. Remember his background. He is still working through “The Good Old Boys” political machine of Daly, Chicago. He is also heavily supported by the oldest, most typical male political arm of the Democrat Party. So some things haven’t changed.

What woman comes to the political table after Hillary?

Names are not plentiful these days. If only we had an American Margaret Thatcher or a female mix of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. If you spot her, let us know. Maybe NAFE and Pink Magazine can devise a national campaign that will make her a household name, put fear in the hearts and minds of terrorists worldwide and give us a pathway to better economic strategies. After allHealth Fitness Articles, we all know women are better at balancing the homeland budget than men!

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Repair Cracks In Your House- Prevent A Hole In Your Pocket


It is natural that at some point of time, in the years after the house is built, one of these may get damaged. Structural Crack Repair in Austin Texas works for you to repair any structural damage in your home. Not only homes, cracks and structural damage in offices, commercial complexes and business complexes are also repaired. The development of cracks in the concrete of walls, floors, ceilings, basement, etc must be treated to make a house a safe place to live in. We utilize various scientific techniques to fix these cracks in walls and structures that have become cracked.In some places, the floor of house is raised and at others, the floor is at a different level. Depending on this, the correction technique varies. The correction method employed also depends on what the nature and magnitude of the structural damage is.  For example, to fix permanent leaks in the structure, a system of torque lock is used. If not repaired, structural cracks can cause severe damage to property and can lead to heavy monetary loss for the owner.  A crack in one part of a structure can lead to enlargement of the crack and also development of cracks in adjoining structures. The cracks can further cause leakages of water in the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, etc. This makes it of prime importance that cracks in building structures be mended with expertise and care. Care is also taken that cracks that surface once, are repaired in such a way that they do not re-surface as this causes weakening of the structures to a great extent. All this is provided, with special attention to the satisfaction of the customer and keeping in view the price of repair. If there is a structural crack in your house call right away to prevent loss of your precious property.Source: Free Articles from

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